Nintendo Power Forever!


Feel the Power

If you grew up with a Nintendo Entertainment System or a Super Nintendo in your home and played it religiously then you most likely got your hands on a Nintendo Power magazine at some point in your young life. That was the first magazine subscription I would ever have and I still cherish the memories of those issues.

Those pages told us kids what we could expect in the coming months for our beloved console. It boasted features like a games top 30, player profiles for regular kids like us, celebrity profiles for some of most popular actors of the time and a classified section that gave plenty of quick tips for multiple games each issue. It also held invaluable, full in-depth information on how to beat the toughest parts of our favorite games.

The One Game

One such game was Super Star Wars for SNES. I found the game ridiculous and for some reason I had no patience to try and figure out where to go in the levels. Lucky for me my favorite game mag had me covered. It had full color maps for each level complete with the locations of all power-ups, tough enemies and secrets.

I would scrutinize those maps to make sure I knew where everything was and the best path to the end. That made the game more enjoyable for me. I enjoyed using those maps so much I found myself using them for games I didn't even own. I would rent games based on which ones were featured in the magazine just so I could use those maps.

Preview of a Lifetime

Helping me finish games wasn't the only reason I enjoyed the magazine. I loved the previews too. Obviously it had previews for upcoming games but on one of the back pages they would have previews for other media like movies. One such movie was the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

I was an enormous TMNT fan and after news of a live action movie hit my ears I scoured any source I could get my hands on to find out anything about it. One day while reading my newest issue of Nintendo Power I saw that in the back there was some information about the TMNT movie and they had a picture of what the turtles looked like. It was a small colored photo of one of the Turtles, perhaps Leonardo, in April’s apartment. I went crazy over that. I had my dad bring the mag to work and photocopy a larger version of that picture for me which I not only hung on my wall but brought to school to show my friends. Needless to say I was obsessed.

I’ve had many subscriptions to other gaming magazines like Game Informer, PC Gamer, Xbox and Playstation mags and EGM Monthly but none that made me as giddy and excited to read the next issue. Nintendo Power will always remain the top gaming magazine for me not only for the content but the pure nostalgia too.