He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983-1985)


Slammed together in the same exhilhirating hour of television as Inspector Gadget was Masters of the Universe.  It aired after school and I fondly recall sitting anxiously on the school bus, anticipating the day's adventure that awaited me.

Skeletor: As a villain, he was right up there with Darth Vader, but that voice.  The Purple Pie Man was more intimidating than Old Bone Face.  Thank goodness Hordak showed up eventually.

Orko: Like any other kid, I liked to build with Lego and Construx and wanted to figure out how things worked.  Just as I was curious why animated Bo Duke appeared to be dry just after climbing out of the water, I was amazed at the lack of visible strings holding up Orko. Surely he can't really be floating all over Eternia.  What sorcery. 

Prince Adam: Despite his questionable attire, I always thought Prince Adam was a bit cooler than He-Man.  Maybe it was because he was less powerful and, despite being royalty, that made him more relatable in my young eyes.  If Prince Adam had a secret identity, that of a powerful warrior, then perhaps I could have one too. Everyone who has an issue with the difference between Superman and Clark Kent being a pair of glasses needs to relax a bit after seeing He-Man's Hawaiian Tropic spray tan.  Teela's an idiot.

Man-at-Arms: Speaking of Teela, her dad clearly has an elaborate grooming routine.  Compare that sweet mustache with his eyebrows.  Something's up and it's called "Just for Men."

The Sorceress: So majestic. Her bird hair was always pretty cool.  Too bad she never had action figure representation in my collection.  By the time she was released, my Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Star Wars and M.A.S.K. figures were tortured in my basement and bedroom with a combination of rusty bolt cutters, razor blades and light bulbs.