Gremlins (1984)


Every part of me wants to write about "The Goonies," but in trying to keep relevance with the current season, I'm moving forward with my memories of "Gremlins," as marinated in my mind since 1984.

The Soundtrack Album - This record might has well have been a single. I remember putting this on as a kid, but skipping straight to Peter Gabriel's “Out Out.” In addition to being played during the bar scene with the Gremlins playing poker, shooting each other and drinking beer, it's also a phenomenal song that held up much better than Alessi's “Savin' the Day” from "Ghostbusters."

“Do You Hear What I Hear” – Surprisingly not on the soundtrack, but since this was likely my first exposure to the song, the connotations I have with it include getting sliced with knives, being afraid to get close to Christmas Trees and culminating with microwave disgust. “I'm not putting my Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop Tarts in that thing, mom!” Yes, I liked my Pop Tarts heated up in the microwave.

Mrs. Deagle's Stair Chair - I don't care how much Flo needed this chair. She was lazy and I wanted one.

The Barbie Car – I think I resented my sister for having countless Barbie dolls and even a Skipper or two, but never the Barbie Corvette. Her Barbies had a two story mansion with a crazy elevator, flip up bed and a walk-in closet the size of her living room, but no way to get to and from our real life den to watch Saturday Morning cartoons? Am I to believe she hitched a ride on a giant sister-sized human or even walked down the hallway to get there and back? It was at least a mile in Barbie scale! She needed a ride and my Gremlins cereal mail away Gizmo needed to steal it!

Gremlins Cereal – Much like C-3P0's and The Addams Family cereals, I can remember the taste every time I think of this, but only for a second. Those little Mogwai shaped puffs meant a lot to me and I never got to savor that last spoonful that they rode into my mouth.

Poseable Stripe Figure by LJN – I was fortunate to have two of these 12-inch hard plastic figures, but not at the same time. Poor Stripe's right arm painfully snapped off at one of his five points of articulation: the shoulder. My mom returned him to the store and got me another one. One that would be babied and coddled and stood on my dresser, away from any harm that a haphazardly flown Thundercracker or careening 3/4th scale Knight Industries Two Thousand could inflict. After a couple months of relevancy, he was eventually placed gingerly into my R2D2 toy chest and a year or so later, after countless amounts of toys were piled on top of him and pulled past him, he sunk to the bottom, I eventually fished him out. Reunited and ready to play, after adjusting his unkempt mane to retail-shelf day splendor, I immediately noticed his right arm was snapped off.