Ghostbusters (Soundtrack, 1984)


Before I had a thing for movie based video games during the NES Era and around the same time as I hoarded movie novelizations from school book fairs, I had a thing for soundtracks.  If I saw the movie, I wanted the original motion picture soundtrack: Gremlins, the elusive Transformers: The Movie, and even the Footloose record my sister played over and over while I, in the next room, carefully arranged my Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars.  Yet another expedition around the house that won't get finished before having to pack them all up into that sweet blue hot wheels case with the stackable trays.  Anyway...

Ray Parker Jr's theme song: This song aged pretty well considering its rather consistent exposure since release.  One curiosity, though: What is that cow sound at the beginning?  It sounds awfully similar to a sound at the beginning of Faith No More's version of "War Pigs."

"Saving the Day": Not as good as "You're the Best" by Bill Conti from the end of The Karate Kid (and certainly no "Cruel Summer"), but a decent song to psych you up for some Zuul.

"Cleanin' Up the Town": As much as I loved soundtracks, my familiarity with the songs stem from the scenes that featured them.  If it wasn't featured in the movie, I didn't want to listen to it.  That being said, that jubilant piano intro while the boys raced down those steps was all of the song that I needed to listen to every time I broke this record out.

"Magic": Boring song played during one of the coolest parts of the movie.  Boring and aged about as well as Gatekeeper Dana's hairstyle.

Soundtracks were a part of my collection along with those storybooks with the little records: E.T. as read by Gertie, Return of the Jedi and some random Star Trek record that I could never make it all the way through. "Captain's log..." Zzzzz...  The storybooks, along with soundtracks, were a way to relive the movie until it aired on HBO or if my sister was taking up the TV in the den with a game of 2600 Pac- Man.