The Perils of Playing: New Games


If you’ve grown up like I have and video games were a staple in your development then you were probably always looking for the next new game like I was. To me a new game was almost a religious experience. Saving up my allowance or birthday money and marking the calendar with that release date. Whether I pre-ordered or was buying it on release day that moment had as much anticipation as Christmas morning. I always felt all the same joy and excitement that was usually reserved for the holiday. Especially considering the only way to know about new games was through video game magazines, store ads, in store displays or by talking to your local game shop or toy store.

The problem with new games for me was that I always wanted the next new one whether I beat the previous one or not. Back when I was a kid without any real access to a steady stream of cash, like a full time job, this wasn't much of a problem. Games were a lot shorter then and the time I had to play them was way more than I have presently so this issue is more of a problem I have now as an adult.

Now, I have the ability to buy a new game when it comes out so I find the issue being with lack of time to play and beat these long, tens-of-hours, epic games. When a new game drops I find myself wanting to buy and play it as soon as possible. But most every game I want tends to be released before I finish the previous one. 

I don't know why I do this to myself. There is no time limit on when the game will be available. I can purchase it whenever I want I just get this overwhelming urge to get it as soon as it comes out. I have deduced that this feeling has carried over from my childhood. I still feel that anticipation and excitement. I mean who among us has not pre-ordered a new game, pre-loaded it onto the console and actually sat watching the timer to release tick down until the game is unlocked? I have to say that at least in my old age I still get to enjoy that feeling of anticipation and the joy of getting a new game even if I don’t get to finish it.

Now, if there was just something I could do about getting bored with the new game while waiting for the next one. But that’s a thought for another time.