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Classic Blend Podcast 44: The Good Son, The Magic Garden, Urban Strike and Cabbage Patch Kids

ToySquat debuts with a couple of…seriously? Dolls? Whatever. At least Lou Diamond Phillips and Macaulay Culkin start the episode off strong. The Magic Garden and A Man Called Hawk are the TV shows this week and we combine Urban Strike and arcade classic Arabian Magic into yet  another great video game.

This episode:
MovieSquat (2:33) The Good Son + The Dark Wind = "The Wind of Change Brings Out the Mark of Death"
TubeSquat (16:40) The Magic Garden + A Man Called Hawk = "A Squirrel Called Sherlock"
ToySquat (29:12) Hugga Bunch + Cabbage Patch Kids = "Hugga Cabbage"
GameSquat (47:27) Urban Strike (Genesis) + Arabian Magic (Arcade) = "Arabian Strike"
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