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Episode 06: Space Camp, Sweet Valley High and Star Wars: Jedi Arena

Oh boy! Have we got some goodies for you. Wizards, Trolls, Jedi and Raisins, and that's just scratching the surface for this episode. Enjoy!

This episode:

Movies (00m:55s) Space Camp + Troll = Space Tripp

TV Shows (18m:48s) Eight Is Enough +  Sweet Valley High = Enough is Enough

Cartoons (29m:17s) Bedrock Cops + California Raisins = A Raisin and a Schmoo

Video Games (41m:28s) Wizardry 2: The Night of the Diamond (NES) + Star Wars: Jedi Arena(2600) = That Crazy Old Wizard: The Night of the Tusken Knight