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RetroSquat Classic Blend 43: Tremors, Graffiti Bridge, WKRP & Tales from the Darkside

Kevin Bacon starts it off strong this week with Tremors. Oh, he brought his brother along too. And the worms. And Prince as The Kid from Graffiti Bridge. Sprinkle in a little WKRP in Cincinnati, some Tales from the Darkside and a smidge of Widget, bake at 450 degrees for about an hour and ingest that savory squat. 

This episode:
MovieSquat (2:56) Tremors + Graffiti Bridge = "Bacon Brothers Play Tremor Bridge"
TubeSquat (24:45) Tales from the Darkside + WKRP in Cincinnati = "Tales from WKRP"
ToonSquat (33:38) Vytor: The Starfire Champion + Spiral Zone = "Vytor Saves the Spiral Zone"
GameSquat (45:59) Magic Boy (Super NES) + Super Widget (Super NES) = "A Boy and His Wand"
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