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CB 65: Conan the Barbarian, Sectaurs & Y's III

This episode:
MovieSquat (2:13) Off Beat + Conan the Barbarian = "Conan Off the Ropes"
TubeSquat (12:26) Heartland + Bosom Buddies = "Rural Buddies"
ToonSquat (23:44) Sectaurs + Noozles = "Noogies from the Dark Domain"
GameSquat (34:57) Sorcerer's Apprentice (2600) + Y's III (Genesis) = "MickeYs"
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Episode 02: Flashdance, Muppet Babies, Buck Rogers and R-Type

Feel like dancing? How about hopping on your insect mount with the Muppet Babies? Care to travel to the 25th Century? Well, whatever you choose this episode we got you covered. Enjoy!

This episode:

Movies (00m:13s) The Great Mouse Detective + Flashdance = Flashdance 2

Cartoons (11m:10s) Muppet Babies + Sectaurs = Muppet Mounts

TV Shows (20m:43s) Dallas + Buck Rogers in the 25th Century = Cal Rogers in Dallas in the 25th Century

Video Games (29m:10s) Rampart (Arcade) + R-Type (Arcade) = Rampart-Type