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What if you woke up as your FAVORITE ACTION FIGURE from the 80's?

This week Kris cook sup a scenario where Ken wakes up as his favorite action figure. How does he get out of this one? Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) springs into action with his buddy, Luke (Hoth Battle Gear)!

#starwars #lukeskywalker #80stoys

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Episode 09: G.I. Joe, He-Man, Castlevania, Candyman

This one was full of some of our favorite properties. Are any of these your favorites? 

This episode:

Movies (1m:12s) Candyman + The Stunt Man = Candyman the Stunt Man

TV Shows (15m:07s) Hard Time on Planet Earth  + Booker = Booker in Hard Time on Planet Kove starring Richard Grieco and Martin Kove as Bigby

Cartoons (25m:43s) G.I. Joe + He-Man and the Masters of the Universe = A Real Eternian Hero

Video Games (41m:12s) Castlevania (NES) + 1942 (Arcade) = 1692: Captain Belmont vs Dracula Squadron