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Episode 22: Indiana Jones and the Silpheed of

Weird, wacky combos this time.  Werewolves and a Private Eye, two types of rangers, we learn some stuff and also Indiana Jones. What more could you want? Enjoy!

This episode:

Movies (2m:15s) V.I. Warshawski + Howling VI: The Freaks = V.I. Whailshawski

TV Shows (9m:27s) Encyclopedia + I Dream of Jeannie = We Wish Nelson

Cartoons (20m:07s) The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers + The Lone Ranger = The Adventures of Team Ranger

Video Games  (26m:46s) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (NES) + Silpheed (Sega CD) = Indiana Jones and the Silpheed of