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CB 64: G.I.Joe, Little Monsters and Another 48 Hrs

This episode:
MovieSquat (2:52) Another 48 Hrs. + Little Monsters = "48 Monsters"
TubeSquat (19:36) Going Bananas + Make the Grade = "Make the Grade: The Banana Years"
ToySquat (31:23) Koosh + G. I. Joe = "G. I. Joe: Koosh Wars"
GameSquat (51:05) NFL Football '94 (Genesis) + Slalom (NES) = "Ski Ball '90 Starring Joe Montana"
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Episode 07: Saved by the Bell, Tuff Turf, Felix the Cat and Gilligan's Planet

To say this was a purely revenge based episode would not be right. But to say it wasn't a purely revenge based episode wouldn't be right either. We'll let you decide. Enjoy!

This episode:

Movies (00m:33s) Rose Pedal Place + Tuff Turf = Tuff Turf Place: Nick Revenge

TV Shows (19m:15s) Saved by the Bell + Going Bananas = Saved by the Bell: The Banana Years

Cartoons (31m:48s) Yogi's Treasure Hunt + Gilligan's Planet = Yogi vs Gilligan

Video Games (40m:10s) Felix the Cat (NES) + Coconuts (Atari 2600) = Revenge of the Torso Monkey: Felix