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Episode 16: Freddy's Nightmares, The Tonight Show and The Peanut Butter Solution

So, we found out this week that when you don't drink enough H2O before recording you may sound a bit juicy. Who would have thought. Anyway, there are some retro-gems this week. How do you feel about them?

This episode:

Movies (00:50s) The Peanut Butter Solution + Best Defense = The Peanut Butter Defense

TV Shows (16m:13s) Freddy's Nightmares + The Tonight Show = The Tonight Show with Fredrick Krueger Jr.

Cartoons (23m:03s) Fangface and Fangpuss + Beverly Hills Teens = Fangface & Larkepuss

Video Games (36m:44s) Surgical Strike (Sega CD) + GP-1: Part II (Super NES) = Surgical Cruise-1 Part 2