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Classic Blend 53: The Fugitive, Bugs Bunny, The Kids in the Hall & My Little Pony

Fugitives riding rollercoasters, bunnies and beasts rampage through the halls and, oh yeah, we get SuperTed again. 

This episode:
MovieSquat (5:52) Rollercoaster + The Fugitive = "Half Moon Coaster Killer" 
TubeSquat (21:31) The Kids in the Hall + Family Matters = "Waldo Faldo in the Halldo"
ToonSquat (37:10) My Little Pony + The Further Adventures of SuperTed = "My Little Teddy"
GameSquat (46:21) Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage (Super NES) + Disney's Beauty and the Beast (Super NES) = "Bunny and the Beast"
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Episode 01: Raising Arizona, Airplane, Family Matters and Super Mario Brothers

Welcome to the RetroSquat Podcast where we randomly choose classics, mostly from the 80's/90's and mash them together to see if we can make something even better. We dive into the movies, TV shows, cartoons and even video games that we grew up with.

This episode:

Movies (00m:13s) Raising Arizona + Airplane = Raising Airplane!

Video Games (09m:09s) Venom & Spiderman: Seperation Anxiety + Athena = Athena's Bane

TV Shows (19m:03s) Name that Tune + Family Matters = Family Tunes

Cartoons (24m:18s) Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors + The Super Mario Brothers Super Show = Super Mario Bros: Wheeled Warriors