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Episode 08: Friday, Mathnet and Greg Norman's Power Golf

Quite the broad range this week. We take a balloon ride, help some people and do some math. Oh, and we hang with golf pro Greg Norman… in SPACE! Enjoy it.

This episode:

Movies (00m:39s) Friday + Up the Creek = Day After Friday: B'loon Ride

TV Shows (16m:27s) Mathnet + Anything But Love = Anything But Math

Cartoons (29m:58s) H.E.L.P! - Dr. Henry's Emergency Lessons for People + Pebbles, Dino and Bam-Bam = P.D.B.-B.

Video Games (40m:40s) Star Voyager (NES) + Greg Norman's Power Golf (NES) = Greg Norman's Hyper Realistic Star Voyager