RetroSquat 40: Fletch, Ghostbusters & Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

We make another Fletch sequel a reality and visit Misters Shandling and Rogers. We also explore the natural evolution of the Real Ghostbusters and double down on some Super NES metal. 

This episode:
MovieSquat (1m:31s) Fletch + Broadway Danny Rose = Fletch the Hero
TubeSquat (15m:24s) It's Garry Shandling's Show + Mister Rogers' Neighborhood =  Mister Shandling's Neighborhood
ToonSquat (28m:12s) The Raccoons + The Real Ghostbusters = Ghostbustlers  
GameSquat (41m:22s) Ninja Warriors (Super NES) + Metal Warriors (Super NES) = Metal Ninjas
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