RetroSquat 39: Yuletide Rising

'Tis the season to Squat. It's a Life Day miracle as Rocky Balboa challenges Chewbacca in the bout of the galaxy! Ghosts, chipmunks, motorbikes and Richard Lewis ring in the Seven Squats of Christmas. 

This episode:
MovieSquat (8m:58s) The Empire Strikes Back + Rocky II = Chewbaccy/Balboa
TubeSquat (32m:33s) Anything But Love + Amen = Love, Amen
ToonSquat (41m:57s) Pac-Man + Alvin and the Chipmunks = Chipmunks in PacLand
GameSquat (54m:11s) Excitebike (NES) + Vectorman 2 (Genesis) = Vectorbike

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