Episode 32: Rise of the Halloween

Boo! Guess who has a treat for you this week! From Beyond, we visit The Munsters in Eerie, Indiana and stop by a Haunted House in Castlevania. Clowns and trolls and Deadly Spawn also show up. Time to Squat, Halloween style!

This episode:

Movies (8m:14s)  From Beyond + Deadly Spawn = Pineal Pupation

TV Shows  (23m:57s) Eerie, Indiana + The Munsters = 1313 Eerie Lane

Cartoons (36m:58s) Little Clowns of Happy Town + Trollkins = Happy Clowns of Trolltown

Video Games (45m:50s) Haunted House (Atari 2600) + Castlevania: Dracula X (Super NES) = One Night in the Haunted Castle



Music/SFX: https://evanking.bandcamp.com/album/20xx