CB 69: E.T., Punky Brewster, Metroid II & Pinwheel

Thank you to special guest Meddadog!
Find him on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter at Meddadog1

Thanks to Appley81 for naming this episode's game!

MovieSquat (3:01) Extremeties + E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial = "E.T.E.A."
TubeSquat (19:39) The People's Court + Pinwheel = "Pinwheel Court"
ToySquat (28:23) Mighty mouse: The New Adventures + It's Punky Brewster = "It's Mighty Brewster"
GameSquat (38:25) Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy) + Juno First (Arcade) = "Samus First: The Return of Juno"
Recap (52:18) 
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