RetroSquat Classic Blend 42: Quantum Leap, The Dukes, Rambo, & Spider-Man

There's a pie eating contest in Hazzard County and your friendly neighborhood Rambo goes on a secret mission. We also threw in some Judd Hirsch and Scott Bakula to keep your interest.

This episode:
MovieSquat (2:27) Relentless + Band of the Hand = "Relentless 6: Judd Hirsch"
TubeSquat (16:02) Quantum Leap + Cop Rock = "Quantum Rock"
ToonSquat (25:13) Strawberry Shortcake + The Dukes = "Baby Duke Needs a Name"
GameSquat (46:00) Spider-Man 3 (Game Boy) + Rambo III (Genesis) = "John Rambo: Undercover Spider-Man"
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