Episode 26: Mr. Wizard, Pink Panther, Speed Racer and Greased Lightning

This week on The Squat: We go to Sweet Valley High and Hero High, say hello to Mr.Wizard and make up a new, mythical creature while battling Slimes. All in a day's work here at The Squat HQ.

This episode:

Movies (3m:06s) Of Unknown Origin + Greased Lightning = Lightninged Grease

TV Shows (17m:02s) Sweet Valley High + Mr. Wizard's World = Mrs. Wizards

Cartoons (21m:29s) Pink Panther and Sons + Hero High = Night of the Leoguar

Video Games (30m:29s) Speed Racer (Super NES) + Todd's Adventures in Slime World (Genesis) = Speedy Todd



Music: https://evanking.bandcamp.com/album/20xx