Episode 19: Maniac Cop 2, Casualties of War & Denver, the Last Dinosaur

This week on the Squat: Who's up for some Role Play? No, not that kind of Role Play. Like, the regular kind. Forget it, there is a bit in this episode though. So… enjoy.

This episode:

Movies (00:28s) Maniac Cop 2 + Casualties of War = The Rise of Maniac Cop: Maniac Captain

TV Shows (9m:36s) Square Pegs + Crazy Like a Fox = Crazy Pegs

Cartoons (16m:34s) Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics + Denver, the Last Dinosaur = Denver's Fairy Tale Classics

Video Games (20m:02s) Quantum (Arcade) + Airlock (Atari 2600) = Quantum Escape



Music/SFX: https://evanking.bandcamp.com/album/20xx