Episode 15: Voltron, Star Trek, Teen Wolf and Street Smart

You know when you get something so good on it's own then combine it with another thing that's just so-so? Well, if you don't, you will after this episode. That's how you make orange juice out of lemons.

This episode:

Movies (00m:56s) The Grifters + Alone in the Dark = A Grift in the Dark

TV Shows (11m:48s) Star Trek: The Next Generation + 227 = Star Trek: 227

Cartoons (20m:06s) Voltron + Teen Wolf = Wolf Force Voltron

Video Games  (36m:44s) Jumpman Junior (ColecoVision) + Street Smart (Genesis) = Jumpman Is Street Smart



Music/SFX: https://evanking.bandcamp.com/album/20xx