Episode 11: thirtysomething, Little Prince, Ogre Battle, Five Heart Beats

Some might say the coming together of two things can be a beautiful process. But in this case… it's totally true! Enjoy the process.

This episode:

Movies (00m:29s) - The Five Heart Beats + The Last of the Finest = The Finest 8 Heartbeats

TV Shows (10m:11s) - thirtysomething + Circus of the Stars = circus something

Cartoons (16m:49s) - The Adventures of the Little Koala + The Adventures of the Little Prince = The Adventures of Roobear and the Little Prince Because of Spacebird

Video Games (22m:56s) - Ogre Battle (Super NES) + Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat (Genesis) = Battletech: Ogre



Music/SFX: https://evanking.bandcamp.com/album/20xx